Himalayan Eyewear entails the high-quality frames and lenses sold by qualified opticians. The optician will be able to advise you and make the adjustments needed for a perfect fit.

The double nose bridge and the mountain logo on the side of the frame are carefully inlaid with ‘Lacquer Royal’ a UV-protected epoxy resin adding strength and value. The colors are real Gold plated, real Silver plated, and bi-color.

The lenses are of the highest optical quality CR39 material, eliminating all harmful UV rays up to 400nm. The special internal filter enhances the true colors giving you a wonderful and crisp view. In addition, our lenses are treated with the best anti-scratch top coating.* 

On the left lens, you will find the Himalayan Eyewear logo, identifying your frame as genuine. 

Step out in style


All our models combine the class and coolness of the 80s
with the highest standard of eyewear quality today